Accommodation / Restaurants

Ataúro accommodation is smaller scale, offering comfortable but simple facilities often in idyllic surroundings.  Options include Beloi Beach Hotel and eco-tourism accommodation. The eco-tourism properties employ local people, build with renewable materials, maximize natural ventilation and lighting and minimize electricity and water use etc.

Usually visitors dine at their accommodation however casual dining is also available at Barry’s Place, Manukoko Rek and Adara Eco-Resort (Mario’s).

All accommodation and restaurant bookings need to be made in advance.

Some properties have been reviewed on Trip Advisor.

Pricing: higher (H), mid (M), lower (L)

Atauro Dive Resort (M)
Barry’s Place
Beloi Beach Hotel (H)
Iti Muran House (M)
Manukoko Rek (L)
Trisan House (L)
Vila Gracia (L)

Adara Eco-Resort (Mario’s) (L)
Adara Eco-Safari Camp (H)

Homestays/Camping (L)