Local Transport

On Ataúro a flattish coastal road links Beloi and Vila enabling use of tuk tuk transport. Most of Ataúro however is very steep and travel to villages such as Bikeli-Pala, Makili and Anartutu requires 4WD. Other areas including the Island’s more isolated northern tip and west coast can only be reached by boat and walking.

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Tuk Tuks
Tuk tuks provide a very enjoyable way to travel between Beloi and Vila. You can organize a pick-up via your accommodation or simply flag them down if you are travelling in the same direction.  Prices are fixed (per person).

Vehicles (4WD)
If you want to discover the interior, view some wonderful scenic views and access mountain villages hiring a 4WD vehicle with driver is the way to go. Vehicles with drivers can be booked through Barry’s Place, Beloi Beach Hotel and Trisan House.

Boats from local outriggers to more modern craft can be chartered for general sightseeing, snorkeling, whale and dolphin viewing and fishing. You can have a fun day discovering the beautiful Ataúro coastline, beaches and reefs. Organize directly or arrange via your accommodation.