Beloi – Bikeli

Start Beloi town sign
Finish Beloi town sign
Type Of Bike Ride There and back
Distance 10.6km (return)
Hours 2-3 hours not including stops
Grade Medium
Highlights Excellent views from high points north along coast, south towards Manukoko and down onto reefs. Bikeli-Pala fishing village and gardens.  Seeing traditional fishing and seaweed harvesting.
Description Follow coastal road north towards Bikeli-Pala.  Road initially is flat and then has some steep uphill and downhill sections.  As you get towards Bikeli-Pala the biking becomes easier again. Road condition varies with season but is challenging.
Equipment/Footwear Mountain bikes and gear (own equipment)
Variants Continue bike ride further 0.6km (one way ) to Bikeli hot springs (only visible at low tide); go up side road in centre of Bikeli towards church to see more of village
Other Only suitable for very experienced riders; morning departure definitely recommended (heat)

Recommended you notify your accommodation where you are biking (potential accident); take water/snacks, phone and protect yourself from the sun.
Route information sourced from other bike riders and driven 4WD.