Beloi – Iliana – Bikeli

Start Beloi town sign
Finish Beloi town sign
Type Of Bike Ride Circuit; high points up to  370m
Distance 20km
Hours Full day
Grade Very hard (heat, section of route is track only)
Highlights Scenic views, Iliana and Bikeli-Pala villages, Bikeli hot springs (visible low tide), looking down on reefs, village gardens and traditional fishing
Description Bike north along road (very short distance) and immediately after Barry’s Place turn left at road intersection. Follow road inland and uphill, long climb around 300m on dirt road (steep in sections). Nearing top at road intersection turn right and continue up hill in northerly direction.  As you reach top gradient becomes less steep and then starts to descend slightly. Keep following road (past track turn off to Adara village and road turn off to Doro village).  Road then curls around back (west side) of Iliana village before heading eastwards towards Bikeli hot water springs on coast. This stretch is little travelled, very rough and has a high point of around 370m. On reaching coast turn right and head south on road through Bikeli-Pala back to Beloi.  Road condition varies with season but is challenging – some steep sections and likely to have to carry/push bike at times.
Equipment/Footwear Mountain bikes and gear (own equipment)
Other Only suitable for very experienced riders; need to start very early (heat)

Recommended you notify your accommodation where you are biking (potential accident); take water/snacks, phone and protect yourself from the sun.
Route not verified by bike/GPS; driven 4WD.