Adara – Atekru

Start Adara beach
Finish Adara beach
Type Of Walk There and back
Distance 8km (return)
Hours 2 hours walking via beach (return) not including stops; allow extra 0.5 hour if need to take high tide route one way
Grade Easy difficulty beach route low tide; Medium high tide route – has some short but steep sections
Highlights Very beautiful coast with lots of variation – rocky stretches and white sand beaches. People encountered fishing, walking around coast. Kitali and Atekru villages. Wonderful swimming, snorkeling.  Seabirds, beachcombing, rock pools.
Description From Adara walk south along beach to Atekru (low tide) – at times rock scrambles and walking in shallow water.  If walking at high tide will have to climb up above beach soon after leave Adara, stay high and then drop down to Kitali before climbing back up above coast until reach Atekru where descend again to beach.  High tide route has some fantastic lookout points – reefs, Alor and down to Kitali and Atekru. On high route also see village gardens.
Equipment/Footwear Sports sandals/good walking shoes (will get wet); high tide route (short steep sections); on coast walking over rocks and can be slippery; walking pole useful
Guides Recommended – will see and learn  much more (e.g. finding out about village life, local gardens, fishing). Guide helpful with locating best snorkeling sites, rock scrambling on coast etc) and finding high tide routes will require assistance
Variants Can get Adara boat to pick up or drop off at Atekru (extra cost) which reduces walk to one way (note: can be difficult for boats to get into Atekru at low tide)
Other Good to walk both high and low tide routes (interesting circuit)

Track information verified. Recommended you notify your accommodation where you are walking (potential accident) and to walk with a companion; take water and protect yourself from the sun.