Anartutu – Manukoko – Anartutu (overnight) – Adara (overnight) – Beloi

Anartutu – Manukoko – Anartutu (overnight) – Adara (overnight) – Beloi
Type Of Walk One way plus climb up Manukoko
Start  / Finish Day 1: Abaktedi road end (near Anartutu) / Day 3: Beloi town sign
Equipment / Footwear Trekking boots; walking pole useful (Manukoko track narrow slippery, steep drop offs at times; Anartutu – Atekru long descent and Atekru – Adara some rocky sections). Also sports sandals or similar for walking around coastal rocks Atekru – Adara (likely to get wet)
Guides Climbing Manukoko guide compulsory as it is a sacred mountain – easy to get lost in mist; some steep drop offs. Guide definitely recommended for other days as tricky finding route down from Anartutu to Atekru (diverging tracks) and will require assistance finding high tide routes if needed (Atekru – Adara)
Accommodation Apart from Adara Eco-Resort (Mario’s Place), overnight accommodation on this walk is in local homestays which can be organized via Roman Luan NGO. All accommodation must be pre-arranged and they will provide meals (dinner, breakfast and lunch).
Transport 4WD drop off at Abaktedi road end (Note: prior to starting walk suggest leave overnight gear at Anartutu homestay)
Day 1 Abaktedi road end – Manukoko – Anartutu church
Highlights Expansive scenic views, diversity of vegetation including tropical forest, birdlife, village gardens and betel nut trees, Watching artisans and general Anartutu village life.
Distance / Hours / Grade 5.2km return (i.e. Abaktedi – Manukoko 1.9km/Manukoko – Anartutu 3.3km); 240m climb Abaktedi to Manukoko ridge / 376m descent Manukoko ridge to Anartutu.

2.5-3 hours walking (return) if start at Abaktedi road end/finish Anartutu not including stops; if start/finish Anartutu allow extra hour. Medium difficulty.

Description From Abaktedi vehicle drop off walk on track besides gardens and then start climbing upwards initially in more open country and then in forest.  At times excellent views. Track is narrow and can be overgrown. In rainforest see birds, butterflies, mushrooms, ferns etc. As near Manukoko ridge forest reverts to scrub and stunted eucalyptus. Fantastic views from Manukoko ridge of reefs near Vila, Indonesian Islands to north and west of Atauro and down to Anartutu village sprawled below. Then descend back down track to Abaktedi.  Continue walking through gardens and betel nut groves on plateau.  Track then drops down gully in forest to Anartutu village.
Day 2 Anartutu church – Adara beach
Highlights Excellent views of Alor (Indonesian Island), down on to beaches and over forested hills.  Beautiful white sand beaches. Fantastic swimming and snorkeling.  Atekru, Kitali and Adara villages. Birdlife. Seeing traditional fishing and gardens (stone fences and wooden styles). Limestone escarpments and rock pools.
Distance / Hours/ Grade 5.6km and 3/3.5 hours walking not including stops (Anartutu – Atekru); 4km and 1 hour walking (Atekru – Adara at low tide) but allow extra 0.5 hour if need to take high tide route (Atekru – Kitali – Adara). Medium difficulty walking between Anartutu – Atekru, mostly down hill (587m), long stretches and few quite steep sections.  Atekru – Adara at low tide – Easy walking apart from some slippery rocks. High tide route Medium difficulty as has some very short but steep sections.
Description At Anartutu village start walking on road in front of church north then at point where road to Beloi turns corner as you start to go out of town leave this road and keep walking straight  ahead down a side road. At the next road/track intersection turn left and walk towards north end of large hill immediately in front. Track then veers off to right, keep walking and cross large style.  Further down at next intersection track veers off on right again. (Note: do not go straight ahead on other track as this descends to Maker village).  Keep walking and follow the track initially through rock walled gardens. At times very open terrain but also trees. Then start descending more steeply down a series of terraces. Track then crosses a small creek bed. Keep heading down more terraces through trees and on grassy stony flats.  Great views down to Atekru and north to the beach past Adara. Towards the bottom of the route the track drops sharply with a steep short scramble down a dry waterfall bringing you out at the back of Atekru village (south end). Keep walking through the village and head for the beach. From Atekru walk north along beach to Adara (low tide) – at times rock scrambles and walking in shallow water.  If walking at high tide will have to climb up above beach as leaving Atekru, stay high and then drop down to Kitali before climbing back up above coast again until just before Adara where descend to beach.  From here it is a short walk to the village.
Day 3 Adara beach – Beloi town sign
Highlights Expansive coastal views towards Beloi/Vila and south to Manukoko; limestone escarpments, semi-evergreen forest and dry grassland / eucalyptus savanna, Arlo village and gardens, small caves and birdlife
Distance / Hours/ Grade 8.7km (one way) , 3 hours walking not including stops. Medium difficulty.
Description From Adara walk north along track slightly inland from coast back to limestone escarpment. At track intersection head inland and climb up escarpment (short distance). Follow track up gully through trees and besides gardens. Eventually cross a style as you arrive at Arlo village.  Turn right onto road, walk left around corner and continue ahead until reach another style as head out of village.  Cross style and follow track uphill again in gully with forest and rock walled gardens.  Pass small caves/escarpments and keep walking until reach road.  Turn right onto road and walk south-eastwards gradually gaining and then losing height. Vegetation is now dry grassland/eucalyptus savanna. Turn left on to shortcut track which veers across and down slope. Track high point (300m) offers good views towards Beloi and down to Vila. At bottom of shortcut rejoin road (very short distance) and then turn left onto next shortcut which descends to a small quarry and the road.  Continue down road to next shortcut on left.  Rejoin road again, walk further down and then look out for shortcut on right side. This shortcut track descends and veers south and then east across a slope eventually rejoining the road lower down near some gum trees. Walk short distance on the road and then turn right onto another shortcut (very short) which will take you down to Beloi Village.  At first track intersection turn left and skirt north-side of village. Track then rejoins road. Walk towards ocean, turn right around corner and finish at Beloi town sign (or beach / accommodation).
Variants At start (Day1) could commence walking from Anartutu village (involves extra hour walking uphill) instead of arranging 4WD drop off at Abaktedi.  Could stay at Atekru homestay overnight (Day 2) rather than at Adara. Instead of walking back from Adara to Beloi on last day could arrange local boat transport. Or could walk part way back until road for pre-arranged 4WD pickup.
Other It is definitely worth carrying your snorkel gear on this trip as great snorkeling/swimming at Atekru and Adara. Anartutu has market on Wednesday morning. Metal foundry near Abaktedi makes knives etc.

Track information verified. Recommended you notify your accommodation where you are walking (potential accident) and to walk with a companion; take water and protect yourself from the sun.