Anartutu – Manukoko

Start Abaktedi road end (near Anartutu)
Finish Anartutu church
Type Of Walk There and back
Distance 5.2km (i.e. Abaktedi – Manukoko 1.9km/Manukoko – Anartutu 3.3km); 240m climb Abaktedi to Manukoko ridge / 376m descent Manukoko ridge to Anartutu.
Hours  2.5-3 hours (return) if start at Abaktedi road end/finish Anartutu not including stops; if start/finish Anartutu allow extra hour
Grade Medium
Highlights Expansive scenic views, diversity of vegetation including tropical forest, birdlife, village gardens and betel nut trees
Description From Abaktedi vehicle drop off walk on track besides gardens and then start climbing upwards initially in more open country and then in forest.  At times excellent views. Track is narrow and can be overgrown. In rainforest see birds, butterflies, mushrooms, ferns etc. As near Manukoko ridge forest reverts to scrub and stunted eucalyptus. Fantastic views from Manukoko ridge of reefs near Vila, Indonesian Islands to north and west of Atauro and down to Anartutu village sprawled below. Then descend back down track to Abaktedi.  Continue walking through gardens and betel nut groves on plateau.  Track then drops down gully in forest  to Anartutu village at base.
Equipment/Footwear Trekking boots, walking pole useful (track narrow slippery, steep drop offs at times)
Guides Guide compulsory (Manukoko is a sacred mountain and you must take a guide) – easy to get lost in mist; some steep drop offs
Transport 4WD from Beloi including drop off at Abaktedi.
Other Recommended following climb stay in Anartutu village homestay overnight (must be prearranged) as interesting learning about village life, many artisans etc.  Anartutu has market on Wednesday morning. Metal foundry near Abaktedi makes knives etc.

Track information Verified. Recommended you notify your accommodation where you are walking (potential accident) and to walk with a companion; take water and protect yourself from the sun.