Beloi – Adara

Start Beloi town sign
Finish Adara beach
Type Of Walk One way (boat back)
Distance 8.7km (one way)
Hours 3 hours walking not including stops
Grade Medium
Highlights Expansive scenic views in all directions; dry grassland/eucalyptus savanna, semi-evergreen forest in gully, Arlo and Adara villages, limestone escarpments and small caves, birdlife, swimming and snorkeling, white sand beaches
Description From Beloi town sign walk north past Barry’s Place, turn left at road intersection, walk very short distance, veer left onto track (skirting north side of village). Continue walking until encounter track off on right (opposite road through village middle). Follow this track back up to road. Turn left and walk short distance up road. Then take short cut at first corner. Track veers off on left going up-hill – part way up turn left again onto another track which will take you across and up slope and eventually back to road.  Walk up road (short distance) until next shortcut track goes off on right side of road heading up hill; rejoin and follow road uphill. At a small rock quarry another short cut commences on right side of road climbing for a short distance and then rejoins road. After a very short time back on road at first corner veer off again right hand side onto shortcut track.  Continue climbing up hill heading north – track high point (300m) offers good views back towards Beloi and down to Vila. Rejoin road turn right and walk further westwards gradually gaining and then losing height.  Just before small concrete bridge a well trodden track heads off on left. Start descending through forest eventually passing small caves/escarpments.   Eventually you will cross over a style, walk past gardens and then arrive at Arlo village. Walking down south side of the village the road turns a right hand corner.  Immediately past this corner (opposite church) turn left onto a track.  Cross a style and head down hill again past rocky gardens and in forest until you arrive at an escarpment and view of the ocean.  Climb down the track to the bottom (short distance) and then lookout for a track heading off on your left.  It is much easier following this then walking on the coast – you will still get good views. Continue south until you cross over a style as you enter Adara. Walk straight ahead down village path until you reach accommodation.
Equipment/Footwear Sports sandals/ good walking shoes; walking pole useful
Guides Optional – will learn and seem more with guide; recommended not walk alone (accident)
Transport In afternoon take boat back to Beloi (must be pre-arranged).
Variants Can get 4WD drop off at road/track intersection above Arlo reducing walking time by 1 hour and takes out uphill section – in this case Grade Easy. Fit people could complete Beloi – Adara as a return day walk but not recommended due to heat in afternoon (4WD pick up suggested with this return option to avoid exposed grassland/eucalyptus section).
Other Early morning departure best.

Track information verified. Recommended you notify your accommodation where you are walking (potential accident) and to walk with a companion; take water and protect yourself from the sun.