Beloi Beach – Lookout – Village

Start Beloi pier
Finish Beloi pier
Type Of Walk Circuit
Distance 4.2km
Hours 1.5 hrs walking not including stops
Grade Easy
Highlights Great views over coastline/reef and towards Manukoko
Description From Beloi pier walk north along beach, cut through Barry’s Place onto road, walk north short distance, turn left at road corner, walk short distance, veer left onto track. Continue walking until encounter track off on right (opposite road through centre Beloi village), follow track back to road, walk up road until level with lookout, then walk out to the point (102m).  Enjoy views over reefs and towards Manukoko and then descend back to track at side of Beloi village.  Rejoin track. Walk around back of Beloi (west side) and at water well take steps up to Beloi Beach Hotel.  Walk down BBH road until intersection with road going back into Beloi village.  Turn left, walk down road and then turn right again in middle of Beloi village and head back to Beloi pier.
Equipment/Footwear Sports sandals/shoes; walking pole useful as short steep road section (loose stones) and uneven ground on way to lookout
Guides Not required
Transport Not needed (staying Beloi)
Variants Can make loop shorter or longer depending on preference; your choice where you join circuit
Other Early morning best as gets hot later

Track information verified. Recommended you notify your accommodation where you are walking (potential accident) and to walk with a companion; take water and protect yourself from the sun.