Bikeli-Pala – Akrema (overnight) – Bikeli-Pala (2 days)

Type Of Walk There and Back
Start  / Finish Day 1: Bikeli hot water springs / Day2: Bikeli hot water springs
Equipment / Footwear Sports sandals/good walking shoes; walking pole useful (few short sections rocky)
Guides Recommended – will see and learn much more (e.g. locating hot water springs, finding out about village life etc). One small tricky rock section getting up onto escarpment (track not obvious) and will need assistance finding high tide routes if needed.
Accommodation Homestay accommodation – must be prearranged and can be booked via Roman Luan NGO. Homestays will provide meals (dinner, breakfast and lunch).
Transport From Beloi 4WD  vehicle drop off/pick up at Bikeli hot water springs (15 min drive)
Day 1 Bikeli hot water springs – Akrema beach
Highlights Hot water springs, mangroves, Bikeli-Pala, Uaroana and Akrema villages and gardens, beautiful white sand beaches, wonderful views from headlands south to Manukoko, down onto reefs and across to Indonesian Islands. Snorkeling, swimming and beach walking. Seeing traditional fishing, stone fish traps and seaweed farming.
Distance / Hours / Grade  5.5km, 2 hours walking (low tide) not including stops – allow extra 0.5 hour if high tide. Easy at low tide except for a few slippery rocky sections and very short climb up on to a headland. At high tide would be much more difficult due to having to climb up above beach, wade through water at times etc. The two coastal sections which are difficult at high tide are located immediately after Bikeli Hot Springs (going north) and near to where you rejoin the coast after completing walk northwards through Uaroana village.
Description From Bikeli hot water springs start walking northwards around rocks (short section) and then along beach/track north to Uaroana hot water spring.  Continue walking past village gardens and through Uaroana village which has a lovely tree shaded road through the middle. At the north end of the village return to the beach, pass a few small cliffs and then walk over a headland with fantastic ocean views.  Continue walking and straight after shipwreck on beach climb up round behind a small steep rocky outcrop (clockwise spiral) and then walk along top of small cliff before descending again to beach.  From here follow coastal track to Akrema. As get closer great views of Akrema beach. Beach is a wonderful place to go swimming /snorkeling etc.
Day 2 Akrema Beach – Bikeli hot water springs
Description Retrace route back to Bikeli hot water springs.  Note: Depending on tide good opportunity in morning to walk up onto headland at tip of Atauro (excellent views north and down west side of Island) or to climb small peak immediately behind Akrema village prior to heading back towards Beloi – using a guide definitely recommended with these options.
Variants Could start walk from Beloi (extra 1.5 hours; 5.3km each way) but not recommended as despite excellent coastal views road very hot and dusty.  Boat pick up/drop off option if prefer (must be pre-arranged) – note can be difficult getting into Akrema at low tide.
Other Morning best for walking as gets hot later. Bikeli-Pala has small market on Tuesday morning. Hot water springs can only be found at low tide. The northern tip of Atauro is an excellent location for viewing whales and dolphins due to the convergence of ocean currents

Track information verified. Recommended you notify your accommodation where you are walking (potential accident) and to walk with a companion; take water and protect yourself from the sun.