About Asosiasaun Turizmu Koleku Mahanak Atauro (ATKOMA)

Originally formed as a group of tourism champions, ATKOMA has been working together since 2005 to pursue a common vision for developing low-impact tourism on the island of Ataúro. Through the support of USAID’s Tourism for All Project, ATKOMA was legally registered on February 22, 2019 and is expanding its role to become the official Destination Management and Marketing Organization (DMMO) for Ataúro Island.


As the DMMO for Ataúro, ATKOMA will increase cooperation among local stakeholders to support the sustainable development of Ataúro’s tourism industry while preserving the community’s natural and cultural assets and improving the lives of local residents. ATKOMA will be the most comprehensive source for travel information about Ataúro Island and will advocate and mobilize collective action to enhance visitor safety, beautification of the destination, and ensure sustainable economic development and cultural sustainability

About the Membership Program

An investment in AKTOMA through its new membership program is an important contribution to the economic growth and sustainability of our island.

  • Membership certificate and logo to proudly display in your place of operation
    and online to showcase your affiliation with ATKOMA.
  • A listing for your business with updated and detailed information on the
    revitalized tourism website, visitor brochure and map currently being developed
    along with promotion and engagement through ATKOMA’s social media
  • Booking and referral services through the new visitor information and
    conservation center that will be staffed by a knowledgeable ATKOMA team
    member. Members will also be encouraged to display and distribute brochures,
    flyers and restaurant menus through the information center.
  • An e-newsletter highlighting ATKOMA news, initiatives and tips for becoming
    more involved with your membership.
  • Member events to allow your voice to be heard and learn more about how you
    can benefit from this partnership. Events will include social mixers that allow you
    to mingle with fellow members and annual meetings to provide information and
    insight into ongoing initiatives.

  • Thank you for your interest in the ATKOMA membership program. Your
    participation will help us strengthen our sustainable tourism initiatives and attract
    travelers from around the world to our island. For information about membership,
    please contact Chloe King at [email protected]

ATKOMA Membership Program