small island – big heart

sustainable_destina141ac70_2016-1-150x150Ataúro, Timor-Leste is an exciting new eco-tourism destination and much cherished by us, the people who live here. With rugged mountains, forests and grassy slopes, the coastline varies from overhanging cliffs to the most sublime beaches. Our Island is surrounded by reefs rich in marine life and crystal clear turquoise waters.  Located enticingly close to Dili, Ataúro has a different pace. It is wonderfully relaxing.

There is excellent swimming, snorkeling and diving. Our hills and coastline offer great trekking. Ataúro is extremely welcoming, friendly and hospitable. For those seeking a beautiful natural environment and interested in our culture and our way of life, Ataúro provides a very special experience – something authentic.