Hotels & Dive/Eco-Resorts

Hotels & Dive/Eco-Resorts

Beloi Beach Hotel, Ataúro Beach House (operated by Compass Dive), Ataúro Dive Resort and Barry’s Eco-Lodge are considered the most high-end accommodations on the island, and all are able to arrange or directly provide diving for guests. You can expect private or “tent-style” rooms, often with bathrooms shared with other guests, when staying at a dive or eco-resort.

It is important to note than even the most expensive and upscale stay at Beloi Beach Hotel may not have all the amenities you would otherwise expect from a luxury accommodation option in another location: water, electricity, and even food options can be very limited on the island, so expect to be flexible regardless of where you stay. This also gives you an opportunity to explore the intricacies of eco-living on this island. Seriously, environmentally-conscious tourists come all the way to these eco-lodges to learn about their operating systems in such a dry climate in the greater context of developing countries. So while the toilets may not be like your toilets at home, embrace them as a chance to learn and ask questions. The architecture and thought regarding the functioning of each lodge is inspiring and mind-blowing. Have additional satisfaction in knowing that your ecological footprint on Ataúro is significantly reduced. Now this is a beach holiday you can feel great about!

If you hope to dive during your stay, these are excellent, affordable, and family-friendly options. The dive staff in each of the offerings are wonderful and are known to hang around all day (when they aren’t in the water of course!) to get to know you and answer any of the questions you might have. As previous tourists themselves who fell in love with beautiful Ataúro, they are eager to share their journeys with you. Enjoy beef rendang and a game of cards and hear about the recent sightings under the sea.

  • Tua Koin Eco-Lodge

    TUA KOIN was the first-ever eco-lodge established on Ataúro island, managed and operated by Roman Luan, an Atauro Island community organization. Its operations have ceased in recent years, but the eco-lodge is expecting to resume operations in late 2020. Stay tuned for updates on when the property is open again for bookings.

  • Compass Atauro Beach Eco-Lodge

    Situated in Beloi, eastern Atauro, Compass Atauro Beach Eco Lodge is located a 5-minute walk from Beloi’s harbor and offers a great opportunity for a beachfront, quiet and breezy island treat. Our smiling staff is available to help you by sharing suggestion on island activities as well as willing to simply sit down for a […]

  • Beloi Beach Hotel

    Beloi Beach Hotel Dive Resort is a unique, all-inclusive package, private island hideaway home to only 12 air-conditioned rooms, each with their own en-suite, hot water, flushing toilets, walk-in showers and 24-hour electricity. The newest Dive Resort on the island, situated 400m from the beach, the breathtaking panoramas of the renowned tropical crystal clear waters […]

  • Ataúro Dive Resort

    Ataúro Dive Resort is a small eco-resort with thatched bungalows and a shared bathroom right beside Beloi Beach. Breakfast is included with other meals by arrangement. The resort offers PADI-accredited dive courses, guided diving trips (ranging from single to multi-day), equipment rentals and an onsite specialized scuba diving center. Stay here to witness fantastic sunrises […]

  • Barry’s Place

    Imagine sipping a cool drink in a hammock, swaying beneath palm trees, surrounded by the rush of the waves and the distant chatter of guests enjoying their delicious buffet lunch. Welcome to Barry’s Place. Relax and unwind in beachfront thatched bungalows set among lush tropical gardens. All meals are included during your stay within a […]

  • Adara Eco-Resort (Mario’s Place)

    It is common knowledge on the island that the most beautiful beaches require a little work to reach! Located beside a beautiful white sand beach on the remote west coast of Ataúro, this eco-accommodation is one you will surely never want to leave. Run by Mario, well-known in Timor-Leste for his early work in promoting […]

  • Afonsu Ecolodge

    This eco-accommodation ranges from simple thatched-roof huts to a larger room with a shared bathroom. It is located beside a beautiful white sand beach, where you can enjoy a cool sea breeze and sunset views on the west coast of Ataúro. This area is excellent for swimming and snorkeling, with reef walls unlike anywhere else […]

  • Moises Ecolodge

    Located next to the Afonsu Ecolodge, this newly built eco-accommodation offers an additional accommodation option for visitors to stay overnight in Atekru. This simple thatched-roof hut has two rooms equipped with double beds, mosquito nets and shared bathrooms. Swim and snorkel your days away or sunbathe on a beautiful white sand beach on the remote […]

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