Fishing in Timor-Leste: Private Trips, Fishing Rod Rentals & More

As the ocean around Ataúro is teeming with diverse marine life, it naturally offers excellent fishing opportunities to suit your desire and ability. In a maritime economy, local people have spent centuries perfecting local techniques and you can see their fishing traditions passed through generations with traditional nets, spears, and traps. The communities of Ataúro carefully manage and conserve their natural resources, and thus as a visitor we ask you to do the same by not fishing within the tara bandu conservation zones or catching any endangered species, including all small reef fish. ATKOMA can help you arrange a day trip in either a wooden outriggers or a larger speed boat for big game fishing including trevally, tuna, snapper, barracuda, and other pelagic species. The fishermen and women of Ataúro are also famous for spearfishing, and would be happy to teach you to use the traditional speargun. If you make the trip over to Adara, you can talk and dive with the famous Wawata Toputhe women spearfishers of Ataúro.

Fishing rods can be hired from Barry’s Place and Beloi Beach Hotel

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