Southeast Asia Volunteering Experiences at Their Finest 

Whether you are coming to Ataúro for several days or weeks, or fall completely in love and decide to stay for months, there are a number of organizations on the island that would be delighted to host you long-term so you can help give back to the communities. From structured marine science and volunteer programs with Blue Ventures to independent projects where you can utilize your own unique skills with Empreza Di’ak, ATKOMA welcomes volunteer inquiries and strives to match you with an excellent organization to make your stay on the island incredible.

Oftentimes, there are specific projects already underway on the island–such as beach cleanups, equipping medical centers, providing resources for schools, teaching English, etc.–that you can become involved in during your time on Ataúro. Contact ATKOMA to learn more about what projects are currently happening and how you can help. Even if you do not spend time volunteering on the island, you can still make a positive impact on Ataúro’s communities and ecosystems by following our Traveler Pledge, committing to reducing plastic use, not giving money or sweets to children, paying tara bandu fees, and respecting marine ecosystems by not touching marine life or wearing chemical sunscreen when entering the ocean. Read the full Traveler Pledge here before you visit the island.

The following is a list of organizations that accept volunteers on a regular basis:

  • Blue Ventures
    Blue Ventures’ team of scientists, along with international volunteers, collect marine inventory data completing research dives in previously un-surveyed waters. The data collected contributes directly to efforts to develop new approaches to engaging Timor-Leste’s coastal communities in marine conservation. Blue Ventures hosts regular volunteer expeditions to Ataúro where participants learn the diving and scientific skills necessary to collect data vital to its management. Regardless of your diving experience: an expert or just dipping your toes into marine conservation for the first time, you are welcome to volunteer! Find out more about Blue Ventures and read blogs about their work in Timor-Leste.
  • ATKOMA/Roman Luan NGO
  • Empreza Di’ak

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