Events & Festivals

Events & Festivals

Cultural Events & Festivals: Authentic Experiences in Southeast Asia

In addition to religious and state events celebrated more widely throughout Timor-Leste, Ataúro has unique cultural events and festivals that are certainly worth visiting to witness firsthand. 

Visitors are welcome to participate in all commemorations held on Ataúro. Apart from important religious holidays such as – All Souls, All Saints, Christmas and Easter, most other events celebrate Timor-Leste’s recent independence as a nation. Examples include Popular Consultation, Restoration of Independence, Proclamation of Independence, and Youth Days.

Betel Nut Festival

The very exuberant Betel Nut Festival is celebrated on the slopes above Anartutu in July. Dates vary depending on when the betel nuts are ready for harvest.

30th of August

The 30th of August is an important day for Timorese all throughout the country as it represents the anniversary of the referendum for independence from Indonesia.

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