Scenic Overlooks

Scenic Overlooks

As Ataúro is filled with a variety of stunning landscapes, it is worth the time to venture to one of its many vantage points where you can take in the natural beauty of the whole island! Climb up to any of the viewpoints on a peak or hill and take in the sweeping views of our extraordinary landscapes. We recommend either sunrise or sunset for cooler temperatures and to watch the sky change color over the crystal-clear water. Experience some of the most scenic overlooks in Timor-Leste!

  • Arlo Beach Overlook

    With most of the popular destinations on the east side of the island, Arlo and the rest of the west coast offer something completely unique: a chance to bask in the glory of a perfect Ataúro afternoon and the sun dipping into the sea. Of all these few golden hour locales, there is practically no […]

  • Telephone Tower

    Located just a 15 minute walk from Vila, this stunning lookout is one of the most accessible and rewarding spots on the island. From this point, you can gain a much deeper perspective about life on Ataúro. You can see the ant-sized people scurrying about their daily routines, dolphins jumping out of the water far […]

  • Bikeli/Beloi Road Overlook

    For those staying in Beloi, this is the most convenient viewpoint for you, and luckily it’s also one of Ataúro’s most special! When we conceptualize the classic portrayal of Ataúro, this is the place we think of. From this vantage point, you can see almost the whole south of the island. From Manukoko Peak in […]

  • Manukoko Peak

    No view of Ataúro is as breathtaking as the one at the highest point of the island. At 995 meters above sea level, Manukoko towers distinctively over the white-sand beaches below, representing an almost different universe on the island. According to local tradition, a person has not truly visited Ataúro until they have climbed to […]

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