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For those staying in Beloi, this is the most convenient viewpoint for you, and luckily it’s also one of Ataúro’s most special! When we conceptualize the classic portrayal of Ataúro, this is the place we think of. From this vantage point, you can see almost the whole south of the island. From Manukoko Peak in the distance to the tiny boats off the coast, it is a perfect view over where most of the island calls home. However, the best part of this viewpoint is the various shades of blue you can see merging together. It provides prospective for the wide array of marine life that lives just below the surface.

To get there: From Beloi, keep walking on the road past Barry’s and follow it as it gains elevation. You will hit upon beautiful views throughout the walk, but approximately 35 minutes later, you will get to a point where you can look behind you and see Beloi/ the beginning of Vila. This is generally the favorite spot on this path. However, you can also get a ride on one of the trucks that transport locals across the island a few times a day. However, this service is irregular. Ask ATKOMA for the most up to date information or to book a tour for you. For ease and comfort, vehicles are definitely preferable.

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