Ataúro contains some of the best beaches in all of Timor-Leste. You can enjoy the beaches just steps from your accommodation or explore through the hills and cliffs to find the most remote ones. If palm-fringed sands and clear seas strike your fancy, you have struck gold here. At first glance Ataúro’s beaches may seem similar, but each one has a distinct vibe and attraction, so feel free to explore them all! Enjoy the sunrise from Beloi or Vila Town Beach, then hike over to the other side of the island to watch the sunset from Adara or Doro beaches—completely alone to dig your toes in white sand and listen to the gentle lapping of the waves. Learn more about what you can find on Ataúro beaches below:

  • Adara/Atekru Beach

    Adara and Atekru are villages located on the less-visited and sparsely populated west coast of Ataúro. Adara has a population of less than 200, making it a perfect place to truly relax on the beach without interruption. This ability to isolate is also enhanced by Adara’s lack of cell phone reception. Besides the natural beauty […]

  • Akrema Beach

    Akrema Beach lies on the far northern tip of the island and is many travelers’ favorite beach on the island. A seemingly endless stretch of sand, Akrema Beach is so white, it looks impossibly real. If it is a mix of light adventure and leisure you seek, Akrema is your best option. Enjoy meandering through […]

  • Iliana Beach

    One of the most beautiful and least visited places on Ataúro, visitors that make the trek over to Iliana are rewarded with the whitest sand anywhere on the island, quite an accomplishment given the competition. This paradisiacal place requires a little bit more effort to reach in what could be called an oceanic obstacle cliff, […]

  • Vila Town Beach

    This is more than simply a beach— it is a highway between coastal communities, a soccer stadium, a playground for kids, an open-air cafe to sip coconuts, a place to gossip with your friends, and a place to scan the sand for a local delicacy: seaweed. The Vila community here revolves around the beach. Though […]

  • Vila Airport Beach

    Despite being sandwiched directly in between the two most populous sukos on Ataúro, Vila Airport Beach is rarely visited. This long, practically empty spit is perfect for long walks, runs, and sunrise stretching sessions. Don’t be fooled by the idea of an airport ruining the peaceful waterfront, the Ataúro Airport is a small rocky landing […]

  • Bikeli Beach

    Rumored to be home to the delicious coconuts on the island, Bikelli Beach is an incredible destination that is easy to fit into a day trip from Beloi or Vila. Slightly removed from Bikeli itself and separated even further with a natural border of leafy palms, this beautiful strip of sand and inviting water gives […]

  • Beloi Beach

    This beautiful stretch of sand is most visitors’ first introduction to Ataúro’s beauty when their boat arrives in Beloi. After a few hours on the seas, the calming white sand on the beach beckons you into the beauty and comfort of this peaceful island. This beach strip is the busiest area of the island, but […]

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