Beds & Breakfasts / Guesthouses

Beds & Breakfasts / Guesthouses

There are a number of smaller bed-and-breakfast type guesthouses on the island, mostly located in the cozy village of Vila just down the road from Beloi. Meals are not always included, so be sure to ask when booking your room and decide whether you want to eat all three meals in one place. Please note that there are no “restaurants” as one would typically expect on the island; Beloi Beach Hotel, Barry’s Place, Ataúro Dive Resort, and Manukoko Rek are all great places to eat, but you must notify the staff prior to arriving for a set lunch or dinner time to ensure there is time to prepare enough food. These guesthouse rooms are more typical hotel-style, versus the dive or eco-resorts where you stay in thatched-roof, wooden cabins near the beach.

  • Guesthouse Padre Luis

    Guest House Padre Luis is the only guesthouse established in Maquili town in the sub-village of Fatulela, Suco Makili, Atauro island. The guesthouse was established under the support of the Catholic priest and is currently managed by the women’s cooperative from this village. It is placed in the valley just a few meters from the […]

  • Manucoco Rek Guesthouse & Restaurant

    Manucoco Rek consists of a Restaurant and Guesthouse located in the heart of the island’s capital Vila Maumeta. The restaurant and the guesthouse was established with the support of an Italian Catholic priest and run by a group of women cooperative. The restaurant provides both Italian food such as Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Gnocchi (hand made), pre-order […]

  • Trisan Guesthouse

    Located in the main road of Beloi opposite the Ataúro Airport, this eco-accommodation offers a range of classic-looking thatched bungalows with shared bathrooms shaded by coconut trees. Rooms are equipped with double beds, fans and mosquito nets. Trisan Guesthouse has a garden area and offers free fresh coconut water during the fall season, when young […]

  • Vila Gracia Guesthouse

    Located in the main road of Vila Maumeta, this small guesthouse offers six rooms equipped with double beds, fans and mosquito nets. It also has a small courtyard where you can relax and enjoy conversations with the family. The family that owns Vila Gracia has been involved in tourism planning on the island for several […]

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