Getting Around

Getting Around

Getting Around During Your Vacation to Ataúro

Local Transport

A flat road with beautiful glimpses of village life and the nearby coast links Beloi and Vila, the two villages with the most accommodation options on the island. For other destinations, getting around in Timor-Leste can be more challenging and requires either an inclined walk, an ATV journey, or a boat ride.

Most of Ataúro is very steep and travel to villages such as Bikeli-Pala, Makili and Anartutu requires 4WD. However, there are places that cars cannot get to. Areas such as the island’s more isolated northern tip and its west coast can only be reached by boat or walking.

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Ataúro has a leisurely pace of life and exploring by mountain bike is a great option. Most choose a leisurely cycle along the coast between Beloi and Vila (30 minutes each way). Mountain bikes can be hired from Beloi Beach Hotel and Barry’s Place. Hardier and experienced riders with their own mountain bikes can head for the hills. These full day strenuous routes with steep sections include the road up to Anartutu and a circuit of Beloi and Bikeli-Pala.

If biking please advise your accommodation where you are going in case of accident / gear problems, wear a helmet, and always take water/ snacks. Outside of the main villages it is very rural and there will be no places to buy snacks/ food or medical services. Plan ahead and communicate your plans!

Tuk Tuks

You could make the one-hour walk on the Beloi-Vila road, but we recommend local tuk tuks as the best transport method. Tuk tuks provide a simple way to get from place to place. You can organize a pick-up via ATKOMA or simply flag them down if you are travelling in the same direction. Prices are fixed at $2 per person.

Vehicles (4WD)

If you want to discover the interior of the island, experience some astounding scenic views, and access mountain villages, you may consider hiring a 4WD vehicle with a driver. If you are less confident in your hiking ability, there is no reason you should not see the rest of the island! The trusted vehicles and drivers will safely curate an itinerary chock=full with Ataúro’s best sights. Contact ATKOMA today to book your dream tour!


Boats from local outriggers to more modern craft can be chartered for general sightseeing, snorkeling, whale and dolphin viewing, and fishing. You can have a fun day discovering the beautiful Ataúro coastline, beaches, and reefs. ATKOMA can organize a boat suited for your interests and desired activities!


Tuk-Tuk Drivers of Ataúro

There is a local group of Tuk-tuk drivers who are members of ATKOMA, providing transport services to local people and visitors from Beloi to Vila Maumeta villages and vice versa. Although the drivers only operate between the two villages, the drivers are from all villages around the island. Tuk-tuk is a local name to describe 3-wheeled motorbike and is currently the main means of transportation between the two villages. ATKOMA can help you arrange your driver, or you can call directly via the contact information below:

Organized By : ATKOMA’s Help Desk at Barry’s Place, Atauro Dive Resort, Compass Diving and Beloi Beach Hotel

  • Owner/Manager: Neyl Moniz Da Silva
  • Tel: (+670) 7515 3278
  • Hours: Available 24 hours a day. Please call at least 30 minutes in advance.
  • Rates: Adult = $. 2.00/person – $. 4.00/person Beloi-Vila-Beloi (Round trip)
    • Child = $. 1.00/person – $. 2.00/person Beloi-Vila-Beloi (Round trip)
    • Infant = Free
    • Backpack (large extra charge) = $. 1.00
    • Max capacity: 6-8 people

Fitun Galileia

Fitun Galileia is private locally owned company that has several types of businesses, including transportation. It operates local boats, trucks, and pickups for your needs while on the island. Fitun Galileia makes its pickups available for rent for both locals and tourists to drive through the less accessible roads on the island that you can’t navigate on a tuk-tuk. It has 4WD vehicles with reliable and knowledgeable drivers to experience comfortable tours on various roads in the region, ensuring travelers can safely enjoy the beautiful landscape of Macadade, Maquili, Biqueli, Arlo and Akrema.

  • Owner: Januario Baptista
  • Address: Beloi Village, Usubemasu Sub-Village, Atauro Island
  • Telephone: +670 7726 4838
  • Policies:  open hours : 08:00 AM -18:00 PM (Monday-Saturday)
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday
  • Rental rate: $150 to Macadade (round trip) and $50-$60 (Biqueli/Acrema round trip)

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