Arts, Crafts and Markets

Arts, Crafts and Markets

Arts, Crafts & Markets — A Cultural Tourism Experience in Timor-Leste

Ataúro communities specialize in different crafts and have developed their own unique style and workmanship. Their most famous are wood carvings including figurines, boats and diving goggles; metal knives; musical instruments; finely woven mats and baskets; clay cooking pots; jewelry and intricately embroidered bags, dolls and other items. Crafts can be bought from artisans and at markets and co-operative shops. Purchasing these helps support Ataúro’s local communities, and especially local women who have found livelihoods through these beautiful products.

The weekly markets are a great place to buy local produce and handicrafts, watch the world go by and gain a better insight into island life. Local market days:

Tuesday – Atekru
Wednesday – Anartutu
Thursday – Makili
Saturday – Beloi

  • Grupu Hakusara

    Grupu Hakusara is a women’s pottery group established in 2013, located in the valley sub-village of Arlo. The community of Arlo is well known as home to the most talented ceramic craftsmen and potters, as the villagers used to sell their creations around the island prior to the introduction of modern kitchen and cooking utensils. […]

  • Grupu Rapim Harik

    The journey to Anartuto offers a tremendous view of the mountainous landscape and far-reaching sea. Once you arrive in Anartuto, you can witness something just as spectacular in the local handicrafts, selected to represent the island’s participation in both national and international events. Grupu Rapim Hirik is among these creative groups. A group of 12 […]

  • Grupu Sole Tete ro Tihak

    Grupu Sole Tete ro Tihak is an organized group of traditional dancers and singers from the sub-village of Fatulela, Suco Makili, Ataúro island. The group consists of both men and women divided into singers and dancers. They sing ancestors songs that are specific to their clan’s ritual events (Tolan Natin), such as begging for rain […]

  • Biojoia de Ataúro

    Looking for some unique, conversation-starting jewelry pieces that also let you support a local women’s cooperative? Biojoia de Ataúro, located centrally in Vila, is just the place! Biojoia de Ataúro is a co-operative group formed by local hearing-impaired women aimed at improving the quality of life of its members by producing and selling a wide […]

  • Boneca de Ataúro

    Located on the main road of Vila Maumeta, Boneca de Ataúro is an established women’s co-operative which supports around 60 families. Their well-known brand produces high-quality handmade embroidery and textile design products. With twenty years of experience, the cooperative now produces hundreds of different products, from dolls and educational products to a large collection of […]

  • Sentro Ataúro Di’ak

    Located just around the corner from the Beloi pier, Sentro Ataúro Di’ak is the place to go shopping on the island. Empreza Di’ak (Good Business), a Timorese NGO, owns the store in an effort to create opportunities for people in impoverished communities to build a better life through economic empowerment. You can help in this […]

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