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Located just around the corner from the Beloi pier, Sentro Ataúro Di’ak is the place to go shopping on the island. Empreza Di’ak (Good Business), a Timorese NGO, owns the store in an effort to create opportunities for people in impoverished communities to build a better life through economic empowerment. You can help in this effort through purchasing gorgeously crafted products, from bamboo straws and intricately carved figurines to high-quality woven baskets. Empreza Di’ak’s unique business model enables craftsmen and women from around the island to sell their products in Beloi; the NGO provides skills training and business development workshops to communities all over the island, and it purchases products to sell to visitors. This enables villages from all over the island to profit from tourism, even if a tourist doesn’t make it all the way to the local village. Be sure to ask about where the products you purchase are made, and even plan a trek to meet the craft maker–you are guaranteed to find even more products and can witness the traditional process for making them. Sentro Ataúro Di’ak never fails to surprise.


  • Monday to Saturday 9am-12pm / 1pm-5pm
  • Sunday: 1pm-5pm

Contact Information

Owner / Main Contact Name
Jose Marques
(+670) 77505809 / 77266204
[email protected], Website: www.empreza-diak.com or facebook.com/Empreza.Diak

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