Things To Do

Things To Do

Snorkeling & Diving

Snorkeling and Diving in Timor-Leste, Perhaps the Best Diving in Southeast Asia That You’ve Never Heard Of Nestled in the famous Coral Triangle, Ataúro reefs offer pristine dive and snorkel sites with a dazzling diversity of marine life – colorful hard and soft corals, sponges and fans as well as a vivid array of reef […]


Ataúro may be known as an underwater paradise, but the variety of life on land, and the various routes you can take to explore it, is equally breathtaking. Whether you are visiting Ataúro for a day or several weeks, there is a hike for every kind of traveler. From leisurely beach walks to multi-day mountain […]

Arts, Crafts and Markets

Arts, Crafts & Markets — A Cultural Tourism Experience in Timor-Leste Ataúro communities specialize in different crafts and have developed their own unique style and workmanship. Their most famous are wood carvings including figurines, boats and diving goggles; metal knives; musical instruments; finely woven mats and baskets; clay cooking pots; jewelry and intricately embroidered bags, […]


Bike Tours & Biking Adventure in Timor-Leste For avid bikers, there is no greater adventure than exploring remote trails and roads with no one else around. Bike tours in Ataúro offer the perfect opportunity to tour a remote and pristine island. Options include a leisurely cycle along the coast between Beloi and Vila (30 minutes […]

Guided Day Tours and Treks

Explore some of the tours and treks that ATKOMA can arrange for you to make your holiday the best one possible. Click on the description to learn more about the tour, and use the booking feature to make a reservation before your holiday. See you on the mountain or in the sea soon! We offer […]

Whale & Dolphin Watching

 Timor-Leste is a premier destination for whale and dolphin watching in Southeast Asia. In October 2016, a scientific trip with Conservation International came to assess the country’s whale diversity. They encountered 2,287 cetaceans from 11 species, including superpods of up to 600 individuals. Additionally, out of the 90 species of cetacean anywhere underwater in the […]

Bird Watching

Bird Watching Tours in Timor-Leste: See the Endangered Timor Green Pigeon Ataúro, with its wide range of habitats from coastal plains to rugged forested mountains, has many bird species: some of which are very rare, including the endangered Timor green pigeon. Ataúro and especially the area around Manukoko Peak has been identified by Birdlife International […]

Tours and Treks

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Fishing in Timor-Leste: Private Trips, Fishing Rod Rentals & More As the ocean around Ataúro is teeming with diverse marine life, it naturally offers excellent fishing opportunities to suit your desire and ability. In a maritime economy, local people have spent centuries perfecting local techniques and you can see their fishing traditions passed through generations […]


Southeast Asia Volunteering Experiences at Their Finest  Whether you are coming to Ataúro for several days or weeks, or fall completely in love and decide to stay for months, there are a number of organizations on the island that would be delighted to host you long-term so you can help give back to the communities. […]

Study Tours

Southeast Asia’s Top Immersive Study Tours Are Found in Timor-Leste With rich biodiversity both above and below the sea, a heavy history resulting in a triumphant independence, and a vibrant local culture, Ataúro makes a fantastic place for those looking for a multi-faceted experience. Study tours, in particular, are a unique way to visit Ataúro. […]

Events & Festivals

Cultural Events & Festivals: Authentic Experiences in Southeast Asia In addition to religious and state events celebrated more widely throughout Timor-Leste, Ataúro has unique cultural events and festivals that are certainly worth visiting to witness firsthand.  Visitors are welcome to participate in all commemorations held on Ataúro. Apart from important religious holidays such as – […]

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