There are a number of excellent food options on the island, from local Timorese cuisine to Western-oriented choices. Please note that restaurants on Ataúro operate differently than ones you would expect to find in your home country: Beloi Beach Hotel, Barry’s Place, Ataúro Dive Resort, Ataúro Beach Camp, and Manukoko Rek are all great places to eat, but you must notify the staff prior to arriving for a set lunch or dinner time to ensure there is time to prepare enough food. Beloi Beach Hotel and Barry’s Place are buffet-style options: simply pay a flat fee and eat as much as you like! Ataúro Dive Resort and Ataúro Beach Camp will make food to order and can provide vegetarian or vegan options if desired. Manukoko Rek is a traveler favorite, serving world-class Italian cuisine like homemade gnocchi and pizzas, nestled among the local homes of Vila.

If you are seeking local cuisine, the best way is to venture into the Saturday market in Beloi and try a fresh grilled fish or octopus right on the beach. Below are some more options for local flavors outside of the market.

Manucoco Rek

Delicious Italian food on a remote tropical island? Why not! Manucoco Rek consists of a Restaurant and Guesthouse located in the heart of the island’s capital Vila Maumeta. The restaurant and the guesthouse was established with the support of an Italian Catholic priest and run by a group of women cooperative. The restaurant provides both Italian food such as Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Gnocchi (hand made), pre-order Pizza as well as traditional Timorese food. Please call to order your food at least 4 hours in advance so the chefs can ensure they have the correct ingredients.

  • Manager: Leocadia De Araujo
  • Address: Ilimanu Sub village Vila Village, Atauro Island
  • Telephone/WA: (+670) 7748 7301 9

Linissa Restaurant

Linissa was established in 2016 and is located in Beloi, the key tourist entry point to the island.  Linissa consists of a restaurant and accommodation in one traditional bungalow for travelers on a budget. The restaurant and accommodation are traditional, clean, and cheerful, and can accommodate up to 4 people with single and double mattresses fitted in the rooms. Linissa is right by Beloi harbour/Beloi market and the restaurant can seat 30 people.  It is the only restaurant open all day serving tourists and locals alike who can get a great value traditional meal for less than $5.  The accommodation is a recent addition and charges $25/night including breakfast.  Everything is aimed at the budget traveler who wants a clean, traditional place to stay and eat.

Contact information:

  • Address: Usubemaco, Beloi, Atauro Island
  • Phone :  +670 77444880
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Facebook:

Hatulela Local Food

This local food provider is at Aldeia Fatulela, Suco Makili, and is run by a group of women from eleven households to prepare and offer local and traditional food to residents and visitors to Makili. The group also owns a small vegetable garden, so you can taste fresh organic vegetables in all of your meals. While enjoying the food, guests can also have an interactive discussion with the group members about their traditional farming and cooking methods.

Contact information:

  • Coordinator: Alexandrinha da Costa
  • Address: Maquili
  • Telephone: +670 75305363

Epapana Restaurant 

Epapana Restaurant was established in 2004 by a group of widows under NGO Move Forward. The restaurant is located just next to the village office of Biqueli. The daily activities of this restaurant are baking bread and grilling fish for the local market. The main menu of this restaurant is local food such as corn and beans. Please call the restaurant 6 hours in advance to ensure the ingredients are available.

  • Manager: Olimpia Soares
  • Address:  Biqueli Pala Sub village, Suco Biqueli, Atauro Island
  • Telephone/WA: (+670) 7872 5026/7532 9155

Ataúro Dive Resort 

Ataúro Dive Resort is a small eco-resort with thatched bungalows and a shared bathroom right beside Beloi Beach. Breakfast is included with your stay, and the restaurant is open to the general public. Food includes delicious local dishes, vegetarian and vegan options, fresh caught fish, and a variety of Western options when available. Homemade coconut and passion fruit ice cream and popsicles are also popular menu items. Please call to book meals in advance.

  • Owner: Volker Katzung
  • Address: Beloi, Atauro Island- Timor Leste
  • Telephone :+67077386166, +67075920461
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

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