Hot Springs 

Hot Springs 

Hot springs offer a calming experience that can be an important component of wellness tourism. While most people think of them as bubbling waters nestled among mountain peaks, Ataúro has a distinctly different experience in store. The hot springs on Ataúro rest directly on the coastline, bubbling up where the ocean meets the land. It is only possible to visibly see the hot springs at low tide, but you can visit them anytime. There are hot springs located in three villages–Bikeli, Uaroana, and Makili–that you can visit at your leisure. Swim in the surrounding warm waters during high tide, or simply stick a cautious toe in to feel temperatures that can reach 40°C (104°F) at the source of the spring! 

If you are interested in visiting Bikeli, Uaroana, or Makili–either for wellness tourism or other great activities–ATKOMA can can organize transport and tours for you. Get in touch today!

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