Visitor Information & Traveler Services

Visitor Information & Traveler Services

Timor-Leste Visitor Information and Traveler Services

In welcoming you to Ataúro, it is important that you are happy and safe and, at the same time, that we protect our environment and culture.

Here are 6 practical facts about the island that every traveler should know before coming:

  1. Ataúro has NO crocodiles, unlike other places in Timor-Leste. You can swim anywhere on the island!
  2. There is a very small local medical clinic in Vila that can treat minor injuries/ illnesses, but otherwise you are better off getting medical treatment in Dili.
  3. Timor-Leste uses the US dollar. There are no ATMs, banks or credit card / eftpos facilities. Bring small notes as there will be no change for larger notes in many places around the island.
  4. Electricity is variable and power outages can be common. If charging devices is critical to you, we recommend a power bank. If you will be in more rural areas, we also recommend a flashlight.
  5. While there are a few small local shops in Beloi and Vila with vegetables, chips, cookies, and soda, there are no supermarkets. If there are snacks you cannot live without, we recommend you bring them.
  6. There are marine protected areas (tara bandus) all around the island to protect the unequaled aquatic diversity of the coral reefs from over-fishing. To swim in many places around the island, you must pay $2 each time you enter the water to swim. To learn more, visit the Traveler Pledge page , which we hope you commit to during your stay.

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