Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals

There are various vacation rental opportunities in Timor-Leste. Would you want to cook for yourself and have more privacy, or are you coming with a larger group? Renting a private accommodation is a great option that offers more flexibility and privacy. However, rentals are often quite isolated from the main areas of town, so be sure to get a number and name of a local tuk-tuk driver to get around the island. These are very affordable options for long-term stays on the island. For those longer stays, we recommend bringing items from Dili that may be harder to find on the island. Contact the operator directly for questions regarding what you can and cannot buy. For more information, contact ATKOMA today.

  • Iti Muran House

    The Iti Muran House is a thatched-roof two-story bungalow with modern amenities beside Vila Beach in a very secluded location. Self-catering or meals can be arranged. More information coming soon!

  • Uma Ba Futuru

    Uma Ba Futuru is divided into three charming small houses located right on the ocean near the small village of Vila. For travelers who enjoy a bit more independence and freedom, this works perfectly. The first house offers four single beds (bunk-bed style), while the second features a queen bed and two single beds (bunk-bed […]

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