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Manucoco Rek consists of a Restaurant and Guesthouse located in the heart of the island’s capital Vila Maumeta. The restaurant and the guesthouse was established with the support of an Italian Catholic priest and run by a group of women cooperative. The restaurant provides both Italian food such as Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Gnocchi (hand made), pre-order Pizza as well as traditional Timorese food. The guesthouse reflects the island’s traditional bungalows for both single and family travelers. The accommodation ranges from thatched huts with shared bathrooms, to larger rooms with private bathrooms. Rooms are equipped with fans and mosquito nets. The establishment includes a small library with limited resources, and snorkeling gear provided to guests to ensure they do not miss the beauty of the Vila Maumeta water which just a few meters away. It is centered in the middle of 2 souvenir shops (Boneca de Atauro and Biojoia) for people who want to shop for some the island’s typical souvenirs. With basic foreign language skills and friendly service from staff, all guests will feel right at home.


  • Two large rooms with private bathrooms
  • Three rooms with double beds
  • Five single rooms with one bed
  • Open picnic/garden area
  • Open-air restaurant
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Snorkeling gear (fins, snorkel & mask)
  • On-site small shop selling cold drinks and snacks


  • Hours Open : 09:00 AM – 17:00 PMSeasons Open  : open 24 hoursRates:  Adult: $. 15.00 – $.25.00/Night Include Breakfast

    Child: $. 7.00/Night Include Breakfast

    Infant: Free

    Amenities: Adjoining Room – Single Room and Family Room

    Other applicable information: Snorkeling gears available

Contact Information

Manager   : Leocadia De Araujo

Address   : Ilimanu Sub village Vila Village, Atauro Island

Telephone/WA  : (+670) 7748 7301 9

If you are interested in learning more or to make a reservation, use the form below to contact ATKOMA.


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