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Despite being sandwiched directly in between the two most populous sukos on Ataúro, Vila Airport Beach is rarely visited. This long, practically empty spit is perfect for long walks, runs, and sunrise stretching sessions. Don’t be fooled by the idea of an airport ruining the peaceful waterfront, the Ataúro
Airport is a small rocky landing strip that sees a maximum of one plane a day. In fact, the ultra deserted nature of the runway makes the beach feel more private. In several stretches, there is no oceanfront settlement whatsoever, and you will be free to stroll in absolute peace.

With the new construction of the massive oceanside nunnery, there is bound to be a fascinating new cultural element as well. Show up soak up some sun and wind up chatting with dozens of Timorese nuns eager to practice their English with visitors. Just remember to dress appropriately around them!

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