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Located just a 15 minute walk from Vila, this stunning lookout is one of the most accessible and rewarding spots on the island. From this point, you can gain a much deeper perspective about life on Ataúro. You can see the ant-sized people scurrying about their daily routines, dolphins jumping out of the water far off into the horizon, Manukoko Peak looming in the background, and the Indonesian island Alor in the distance. You have the ideal vantage point to see how the sea sustains all aspects of life on the island as you see the waves gently lapping the Vila shores. This point offers views to two Indonesian islands: one in East (Liran) and another on the west (Alor).

To get there: Head towards Igreja Nossa Senhora do Rosario church, turn left, and see the clearly defined path heading up the hill. This viewpoint isn’t a defined point, but you can enjoy breathtaking views throughout the whole walk. Stop wherever suits your fancy and enjoy!

Our personal tip: Wake up before the crack of dawn to enjoy our favorite sunrise spot. As Ataúro locals are early risers, you’ll be the lucky recipient of dozens of smiles and head nods under the soft glow of Timorese dawn.

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