Asosiasaun Turizmu Koleku Mahanak Ataúro (ATKOMA)

Asosiasaun Turizmu Koleku Mahanak Ataúro (ATKOMA) warmly invites you to holiday on Ataúro. Comprising local tourism providers and community representatives, the Association was formed in August 2016. It replaced Grupu Turizmu Ataúro which commenced April 2014.

ATKOMA’s purpose is to increase employment and revenue from tourism for the communities of Ataúro, while at the same time protecting the environment and promoting local culture.

ATKOMA’s main activities include:

  • Destination marketing
  • Tourism training and mentoring
  • Research. planning, development and advocacy

ATKOMA has strong local support with participation by members in meetings/workshops and other activities.

The establishment and initial activities were supported by BOSS Project (IADE/ILO) with funding from Irish Aid and New Zealand Aid.