Visitor Information

In welcoming you to Ataúro it is important that you are happy and safe and, at the same time, that we protect our environment and culture. We hope you find the following information useful.

  • Atauro has NO crocodiles
  • Tropical climate 25-35C coast (drink plenty of water and use sun protection); dry season May-November
  • Bring all you need as there are only a few very small local shops (Beloi, Vila) selling basic food and drinks
  • Comprehensive travel insurance is recommended – There is a very small local medical clinic in Vila
  • Mosquitoes can cause dengue fever or malaria so cover up and use insect repellant
  • There are no ATMs, banks or credit card / eftpos facilities. Bring small money as larger notes are hard to change
  • There is good mobile phone coverage, but not everywhere
  • In towns there is no electricity during the daytime and in outlying areas there is only solar power so a torch is useful at night
  • Atauro is a safe, friendly island but please don’t flash money or leave valuables lying around
  • We recommend you hire guide if trekking solo and women travel with a companion at night-time
  • We value our cultural heritage – please seek permission before visiting sacred places and respect the privacy of our communities
  • Do ask before taking photographs or video of us – usually we will be happy to say yes
  • We appreciate very much if you dress modestly, including when swimming. Skimpy bikinis, nudity and kissing in public offend us. In our villages, please wear suitable clothes
  • Our environment is precious – please do not litter, light fires (on the beach or elsewhere), or purchase souvenirs made from mangrove roots or endangered species, (such as turtle shell)
  • Diving and snorkeling should be under professional guidance to avoid damaging the marine ecosystem – do not touch or take coral, shells, starfish or other species
  • Ataúro is an extremely dry island with very limited freshwater – please use the resources that sustain us sparingly