Whale and Dolphin Watching

While whales and dolphins can be seen year round, during October-December, Wetar and Ombai Straits, flowing either side of Ataúro, become a major migratory route from the Pacific to the Indian Oceans. Regarded as a global hotspot due to the abundance, diversity and sheer density of cetaceans, large pods (hundreds) and many different species, including blue whales and humpbacks, can be viewed at this time. Sometimes this is from the shore but more usually from a boat. Seeing dolphins and whales in the wild is an amazing experience.

Crossing from Dili at any time of year keep a look out as sightings are common.

For whale and dolphin viewing charters during the migration season contact diving companies or ask at your Ataúro accommodation for other local boat operators.

Whale and dolphin viewing trips:
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