Village to Village Trek Around Ataúro

  • The package offers a comprehensive island experience over five consecutive days. Travellers will make memories from one village to another, staying each night in different homestays and interacting with all facets of life on the island. This tour combines exploring the beaches and jungle, climbing the mountains, listening to the birds singing, staying and conversing with local families, snorkeling in the pristine seas, and observing beautiful, healthy reefs. Experiences involve hiking the highest mountain on the island and having lunch at the peak–the ultimate culmination of an unforgettable tour.


    $200 per person (minimum two people)


    5 days

  • Day 1:

    •     Arrive in Beloi and meet local guide
    •     Hike to the Beloi Scenic overlook
    •     Visit to Bikeli Community and Hots Springs
    •     Hike to Akrema Village and White Sand Beach
    •     Overnight in Akrema Homestay

    Day 2:

    •     Enjoy the White Sand Beach of Akrema
    •     Snorkel in the Marine Protected Area
    •     Visit the Akrema Cemetery Cave of Ancestors
    •     Hike along the coast past the villages of Vatuu and Arlo Beach
    •     Lunch and Relax time at Mario’s Place in Adara
    •     Snorkel in Adara Marine Protected Area
    •     Overnight at Mario’s Place

    Day 3:

    •     Hike to visit nearby attractions of Adara 
    •     Hike to permaculture education center of Atekru and take a learning tour
    •     Lunch in Atekru
    •     Hike to the village of Maquer and overnight at homestay 

    Day 4:

    •     Hike to Anartutu
    •     Community Tour of Anartutu
    •     Overnight at Homestay in Anartutu

    Day 5:

    •     Early morning sunrise hike of Manococo Peak
    •     Hike down to the village of Vila
    •     History and cultural tour of Vila
    •     Overnight at Manokoko Rek

    Start Times

    •     Anytime between 7am and 4pm
    •  Traditional Lunch with a local family
    • Community tour and cultural demonstrations
    • Sundowner Drink at the Telephone Tower with a view of each coast
    • Local Guide
    • 5 Nights of Homestay Accommodation
    • All meals

    Optional Add-ons:

    •     Snorkeling in Community Marine Protected Areas

    What to Bring: 

    •     Sunscreen & Hat
    •     Bottle of Water
    •     Snorkel gear
    •     Long pants and shirt (horseflies and mosquitos are often on the trail)
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