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Anartutu, located in the suko of Makadade, is the highest village settlement on the island. Located just an hour from the peak of Manukoko, Anartutu is an ideal place to spend a night before trekking up the mountain for sunrise. While relatively isolated from the rest of the island due to its location, there is no shortage of activity in the village: from bustling church days to school events, you will always see something going on in the streets of Anartutu. Better yet? The highest inhabited area of the island provides the loftiest views of the island. Both the walk up and the village itself have unbelievable views. What else? Anartutu allows you to experience one of Ataúro’s few non-coastal communities, making it a destination in itself. Because most of the island’s income revolves around marine activity, you can learn about how the locals here have thrived for centuries at the slopes of the island’s highest peak.

The head of the village, known as the Chefe Suko, often opens his home to welcome visitors, for either an afternoon or several nights. Enjoy a comfortable bed and delicious food for $20, and be sure to check out the wood carvings and woven baskets the Chefe and his wife prepare by hand. During the rainy season, you can explore a nearby waterfall.

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