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This tour offers a combination of both beach and mountain hiking. Along the way, visitors will pass the ruins of old settlements, beautiful landscapes, and pure white sand. You will also get a sense of traditional community life in Ataúro. You will start in Beloi and take the 3-4 hour trek over to Adara, where you will have lunch with the island-famous Mario and enjoy a fresh coconut on the beach. You will take a local boat from the beach and explore the stunning coastline and snorkel in the famous reef walls of the West coast. After a short snorkeling break, you will continue a short 1-2 hours down the beach to the village of Arlo, where traditional fishing boats line the shore. In short, this is a hike from one edge of the ocean to another, passing through communities where you will have the opportunity to chat with fishermen and women about how they make a living. If you are interested in this tour, we encourage you to watch the internationally acclaimed film “Wawata Topu: Mermaids of Timor-Leste,” whose star women freedivers live in the villages of Adara and Arlo. Ask your tour guide about the possibility of going out on a traditional boat with one of the Wawata Topu, where you can witness their traditional spearfishing methods employed for generations. 

Please ensure that you apply sunscreen at least an hour before you snorkel or, better yet, use protective clothing so as to avoid sunscreen damaging our pristine reefs.

Tour Stops & Highlights

  • Beloi Overlook
  • Arlo Coconut Rest
  • Arlo Vila & Talk with Local Fisherman on Arlo Tasi
  • Lunch and Swim at Mario’s Place at Adara Beach and Marine Protected Area

What’s included:

  • Guide
  • lunch
  • fresh coconuts &
  • water transport

Prices Start At $75 Minimum 2 Adults 6 hours (3 hours hiking and 1,30 hours return with boat) including stops 12 km (One way by walking)

What to Bring:

  • Sunscreen & Hat
  • Bottle of Water
  • Hiking Boots (no flip flops)
  • Snorkel gear


$75 per person

Optional Add-ons

  •  4×4 Drop Off and/or Pick-Up (reduces hiking time from x to x hours)



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