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Beloi to Arlo

  • Start: Beloi
  • Finish: Arlo
  • Distance: 5 km/3.1 mi (one way)
  • Walking Time: 1.5-2 hours
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Highlights: Arlo is a small village of about 500 residents, nestled in the mountains near the center of the island. You will pass through Arlo if you’re on your way to Adara, but it is worth visiting or stopping over in the village on its own right. Ask around for a fresh coconut and take photos of the village’s beautiful blue church—you’ll see it as you pass through the gate to Adara and look back. Be sure to wear long clothes that cover your legs and arms as the path can sometimes have a few horseflies buzzing about.
  • Trail Description: From the Beloi town sign walk north past Barry’s Place, turn left at road intersection, walk a very short distance, veer left onto track (skirting north side of village). This is the main road that you will follow for 45 minutes to an hour until reaching an intersection: left will take you to Anartutu and continuing straight on a footpath will take you to Arlo and Adara. After another hour or so walking downhill through grasslands, you will come to a bridge; follow the path heading straight just before the bridge, do not cross over it. Start descending through the forest eventually passing small caves/escarpments. Eventually you will cross over a style, walk past gardens and then arrive at Arlo village. Enjoy beautiful vistas of the eastern side of Atauro, Beloi and Vila villages, eucalyptus savanna and native grasslands, Arlo village and its beautiful church.
  • Equipment: Good walking shoes, walking pole, long pants and shirt (often mosquitos and horse flies on the trail).
  • Guide: Recommended but not required--will learn and see more with a guide; recommended to not walk alone in case of accidents. Most of the path does not have cell service
  • Variants: Can get 4WD drop off at road/track intersection above Arlo reducing walking time by 1 hour and takes out uphill section – in this case Grade Easy.
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