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Beloi to Bikeli/Beloi Overlook

  • Start: Beloi Pier
  • Finish: Bikeli Village
  • Distance: 4.2 km/2.6 mi (one way)
  • Walking Time: 2-3 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy-Medium
  • Highlights: Set out from Beloi early in the morning to beat the heat, walking north towards the village of Bikeli. Simply follow the main road and be sure to look back at the view over the ocean as you climb up and down the rolling hills. You can turn back here after just a short hour walking, or continue along the road to reach the next village. When in Bikeli, you can visit the hot springs, or continue an hour further to Uaroana and buy local handicrafts. Be cautious of passing trucks—if you get tired on the walk balk, you can jump on a local truck back to Beloi and pay $2-3 per person.
  • Trail Description: This trail can be completed in two ways: via a walking trail or the main road. Without a guide, following the main road is much easier, but the trail is also possible. From Barry’s Place in Beloi, walk north a short distance, turn left at the road corner, walk a short distance, and veer left onto track. Continue walking until you encounter a track off on the right (opposite road through centre of Beloi village), follow track back to road, walk up road until level with lookout, then walk out to the point (102m). Enjoy views over reefs and towards Manukoko and then descend back to the track alongside Beloi village. Rejoin track. Walk around the back of Beloi (west side) and at a water well take steps up to Beloi Beach Hotel. Walk down BBH road until intersection with road going back into Beloi. Turn left, walk down the road and then turn right again in the middle of Beloi village and head back to Beloi pier.
  • Equipment: Sports sandals/shoes; walking pole useful as there is a short and steep road section (loose stones) and uneven ground on way to lookout
  • Guide: Recommended but not required--will learn and see more a with guide; recommended to not walk alone in case of accidents. Most of the path does not have cell service.
  • Variants: Can make loop shorter or longer depending on preference; your choice where you join circuit. Local transport options available if walking along the main road.
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