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Start: Beloi

Finish: Telephone Tower



Highlights: Beautiful views of Vila and Beloi from the hills. Grassland and towering trees. Village life of Beloi and Vila.

Trail Description: You can start this hike from anywhere in Beloi or Vila, walking along the main road towards Manukoko Rek, Boneca, and Biojoias—be sure to stop in on your way there or back! You will follow the road to the right and continue up the hill towards the telephone tower, enjoying a landscape view of Vila and Beloi. This hike is best done at sunrise. Continue another 30 minutes up the hill to find the Cave of Our Lady Mary, an important religious site for locals on the island. This hike can be self-guided, or you can hire a guide.

Equipment: Good walking shoes

Guide: Recommended but not required.

Variants: Can take a tuk-tuk from Beloi to Vila first to shorten the walk by 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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