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Nearly every visitor to Ataúro starts their journey in beautiful Beloi, the home of the only port on the island. Home to approximately 1,600 people, Beloi is often mistaken for the capital of the island due to its busier nature; however, you’ll need to head to Vila to see the government offices and NGOs at work. Beloi offers a lot in regards to accommodation, food, and entertainment; the majority of homestays and eco-lodges are in this town. Popular options include Barry’s Eco-Lodge, Ataúro Dive Resort, Beloi Beach Hotel, and Ataúro Beach House. If you are looking for more local options, there are seven local homestays in Beloi that charge $15 per person per day for food and accommodation—an excellent option for those on a budget interested in an immersive experience! While in Beloi, be sure to check out the hiking options around, including a trek over to beautiful Adara or the white sand beaches of Akrema. If you have only an afternoon to explore, Empreza Di’ak in Beloi and Boneca and Biajoia in Vila are excellent shops to buy gifts for loved ones, all products made locally on the island.

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