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This incredible dive site is located on the west side of Ataúro, north of Adara. The Two Mile Reef combines the villages of Iliana and Arlo with fantastic walls with colonies of soft corals and the opportunity to possibly have a glimpse at pelagic life coming from the Ombai Strait in the North.

  • Iliana is a stunning wall on the western coast of Ataúro. Right in front of Iliana’s village, the drop-off starts just a few meters from the beach. The wall is covered with soft corals and huge sponges and often divers can see various schools of fish: snappers, surgeonfish, fusiliers and trevally. Further south from the entrance, the wall opens into a sandy slope where green and hawksbill turtles can be seen, as well as possibly schooling barracudas, snappers and a few bigger animals like eagle-ray, dogtooth tuna and spanish mackerel. This is one of the most impressive stretches of wall around the whole island – and suitable for both beginner and experienced divers!
  • Arlo (Amphitheater) is just in front of Arlo village, in between Iliana and Adara, and is a stunning wall with a few impressive overhangs (hence the name Amphitheater) teeming with neon-coloured soft corals. Schooling reef fish are usually seen here as well as a few Blue-fin and Giant Trevallies that might be seen hunting. For the experienced divers, further south from the entry point a pinnacle sits at about 25 meters – where the lucky ones might come across bigger animals like bumphead parrotfish, napoleon wrasse and dogtooth tuna.

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