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Makili is a charming fishing village approximately an hour’s walk from Vila along a gorgeous and rugged coastal path. At the last census, Makili had the second largest number of inhabitants—just over 2,000 people call this village home. This village is known for its particular and fascinating tradition of boat carving. Wandering down the coastline, you will see giant pieces of wood being whittled hollow to form boats.

Tourists can reach Makili either by a coastal trail or over the hills from Vila. The crashing water on the craggy coastline is equal spots awe-inspiring and humbling. Prepare to be transported by the deafening waves and cooled by the salty spray. When taking this coastal trail, you should depart at low tide to ensure easy walking conditions. Depending what time you depart, you’ll likely be joined by dozens of school children in uniform who make the hour trek from Makili to Vila each day to their classrooms. While they are skilled at completing the walk in flip-flops, we recommend that you wear closed-toed shoes with good grip as the rocks can be slippery! For lovers of adventure and those looking for a nice day trip from Vila, we wholeheartedly recommend this excursion.

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