Arts, Crafts and Markets

Ataúro communities specialise in different crafts and have developed their own unique style and workmanship.  Our most famous are wood carvings including figurines, boats and diving goggles; metal knives; musical instruments; finely woven mats and baskets; clay cooking pots; jewelry and intricately embroidered bags, dolls and other items. Crafts can be bought from artisans and at markets and co-operative shops. Purchasing these helps support our local communities.

Our weekly markets are a great place to buy local produce and handicraft, watch the world go by and gain a better insight into Island life. Local market days:

Tuesday – Bikeli-Pala
Wednesday – Anartutu
Thursday – Makili
Friday – Vila
Saturday – Beloi

The Beloi market, coincides with the midday ferry arrival and includes fresh barbecued seafood.