Place to go: Diving and Snorkeling Sites


Located on the east side of the Island, Haruina is characterized by a combination of dramatic walls and a sloping reef. It is full of diverse marine life and it’s famous for drift diving. The reef drops down to more than 100 meters so it is more likely...

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This dive site is famous for both macro and micro organisms. In 2015, it was named as one of the top ten house reefs in the world by a German magazine- Unterwasser. Often you can spot blue spotted stingrays buried under the sand and turtles sleeping...

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Located on the east side of the island, this dive site is characterized by a slope. It is mostly covered by hydroids and soft corals. It is famous for the red tooth triggerfish which are here in huge numbers. Once in a while, divers can spot bumphead...

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Britty Rala

This dive site is located in a little cove south of the island. It is a combination of a dramatic wall and a slope. It is famous for its small cave located around 15 meters deep. This site is full of critters such as shrimps, crabs, pipefish, dragonets...

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