Thing To Do: Arts, Crafts and Markets

Grupu Hakusara

Grupu Hakusara is a women’s pottery group established in 2013, located in the valley sub-village of Arlo. The community of Arlo is well known as home to the most talented ceramic craftsmen and potters, as the villagers used to sell their creations...

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Grupu Rapim Harik

The journey to Anartuto offers a tremendous view of the mountainous landscape and far-reaching sea. Once you arrive in Anartuto, you can witness something just as spectacular in the local handicrafts, selected to represent the island’s participation...

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Grupu Sole Tete ro Tihak

Grupu Sole Tete ro Tihak is an organized group of traditional dancers and singers from the sub-village of Fatulela, Suco Makili, Ataúro island. The group consists of both men and women divided into singers and dancers. They sing ancestors songs that...

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Biojoia de Ataúro

Looking for some unique, conversation-starting jewelry pieces that also let you support a local women’s cooperative? Biojoia de Ataúro, located centrally in Vila, is just the place! Biojoia de Ataúro is a co-operative group formed by local hearing-impaired...

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