Place to go: Beaches

Vila Airport Beach

Despite being sandwiched directly in between the two most populous sukos on Ataúro, Vila Airport Beach is rarely visited. This long, practically empty spit is perfect for long walks, runs, and sunrise stretching sessions. Don’t be fooled by the idea...

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Bikeli Beach

Rumored to be home to the delicious coconuts on the island, Bikelli Beach is an incredible destination that is easy to fit into a day trip from Beloi or Vila. Slightly removed from Bikeli itself and separated even further with a natural border of leafy...

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Beloi Beach

This beautiful stretch of sand is most visitors’ first introduction to Ataúro’s beauty when their boat arrives in Beloi. After a few hours on the seas, the calming white sand on the beach beckons you into the beauty and comfort of this peaceful island....

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