Place to go: Sukos Villages


When was the last time you walked down a stretch of unpaved road lined with bright red flowers and listened to birds, laughing children, and waves in the distance—without a single car driving by? Simply walking through the village of Vila, home to...

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Makili is a charming fishing village approximately an hour’s walk from Vila along a gorgeous and rugged coastal path. At the last census, Makili had the second largest number of inhabitants—just over 2,000 people call this village home. This village...

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Anartutu, located in the suko of Makadade, is the highest village settlement on the island. Located just an hour from the peak of Manukoko, Anartutu is an ideal place to spend a night before trekking up the mountain for sunrise. While relatively isolated...

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There are few places in the world where you can still put your feet up in a hammock overlooking a white sand beach, listening to the sound of gently lapping waves and relaxing in the knowledge that you are entirely alone. Adara is the perfect paradise...

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